Monday, 20 May 2019

I am the Wall

Optimal play! Get this much quality every week from someone who's local and is grinding all kinds of axes! The local rags are reluctant to publish me and we are in serious danger of losing our sense of humour and thats no laughing matter.. This is where you can sign up for as little as free all the way up to serious cash!:

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Scaffolding mania strikes the country

We have really lost it. Scaffolding around a tiny garage; you can almost reach up to the roof from the ground! 

Monday, 2 April 2018

Chocolate tiki

At the risk of being thrashed for cultural insensitivity and appropriation, behold a chocolate tiki for Easter! Fertility symbols, eggs and all.  

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

The War on Soccer

I was both puzzled and stunned to see the armed forces parading at a football game on tv recently. (NZ versus Australia?)I rubbed my eyes. They were commemorating Armistice Day or somesuch. A woman in full naval regalia sang the NZ national anthem. Here's a question: what's the armed forces doing strutting around a soccer game? If you answer that it gets uncomfortable...... game, national pride, 'us', identity, analogies of battle and games, commonality with other nations who 'served' (omg I hate that word). I am worried about the inroads the military are making into everyday life; I'm similarly concerned about forging our identity through warfare. The annual primary school ANZAC day fever that strikes the country.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Fear culture part 10

A few months back I sent this cartoon below in to the local newsapaper with this letter:

Dear Sir, Mr Editor
Dare you to publish this! I haven't signed it so I can stay in the area haha. I am a cartoonist forced into poverty by fearful editors! Anyway I think its rather mild and making a point-if the council gets a commissioner its likely to be Brendan Duffy! Plus, is he really gone anyway?
Having fun,
Duncan Hill
50 Stewart St
06 3637575

The Michael is Michael Feyen our mayor, The other guy appearing as a ghost is Brendan Duffy, newly ousted at the time. There has been quite some conflict in the relationships with the new mayor and councillors and CEO. The cartoon was about the 'Duffy Mob" who, despite their leader departing, have made it quite clear who is running the show. The confict has been ongoing and in the national news. The funny part for me is that apparently Mr Duffy has been chosen to act as a 'commissioner' in councils which have overwhelming conflicts, voted of no confidence etc. I mused on his return to the Horowhenua District Council.........

Anyway, here is the reply from the editor of the local rag, The Chronicle

 Thank you for your cartoon but as you have surmised correctly, it is not the type of political satire we would run – and we certainly wouldn’t publish without a name.



What, a local paper refusing to publish satire? And as mild as this? This is the same paper who told me they are answerable to a very big publisher, who owns them, and who checks editoral content (Ive been turned down before)

A recent cartoon.......

Kim Jong Trump