Monday, 27 February 2017

CD cover art

This is the Artwork for the metal/acoustic band Broke, two of my nephews, Matt and Jesse are in the band.
Artwork for CD cover for Broke
computer modified ink drawing

Fish shoal mural

 acrylic on canvas
5000mmX 2000mm
I did this for The Fish bar in Palmerston North

A painting I liked doing

Enamel and oil on board
500mmX 400mm
Look at the southern sky through a tree in Foxton and this is what you see. Sorry I'm sold.

The Dream of E7
This mural is able to be seen at the entrance to the Foxton estuary, only a stone's throw from wher the godwit/kuaka, the subject of this painting, departs from each year to Alaska. Its a kind of environmental kaitiaki (guardian) painting

Tongariro crossing

Tongariro crossing
Oil on board
Price on Application

katrina-a time lapse painting

enamel on board
Price on Application