Friday, 24 August 2012

Westpac theft: the real story

Funny story 1.Guy and girl find $10 million accidentally in Westpac bank account.Couple jumps on plane to Aussies and beyond, Eventually get caught and given a conviction and sentence (over 4 years for the guy).Some public outcry over the lenient sentences for 'theft'.
Funny story 2: Bank gets deposit from Joe and Josie Public.Bank lends out 20 times the amount and in effect and in reality creates money out of thin air.The amount of money is increased and it's inflationary,as it doesn't stand for anything.People are in catchup mode and the environment must be pillaged to account for the the discrepancy.Worse,the interest on the loan means its even more to add to the money supply,and everyone is forced to 'grow' to keep up.
No one goes to jail.No one gets accused of 'theft'
Funny story 3: Huge NZ company pays no tax by hiding money overseas and making an impossible paper trail to cover their tracks.The country has lost hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and this loss is borne by every citizen.Company director receives public recognition for making a big business and employing alot of people.No one is accused of or charged for 'theft'.
If you want to understand how this can be, check out or read Dierdre Kent's book Healthy Money,Healthy Planet or if you're more audio listen to this podcast interview on Radio NZ Kim Hill's programme.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Every home should have a dome.My bias toward giant carbon molecule structures clearly shown.I could have built a more modest firewood shed.My mates Gary (with the fez) and Dean helping out.

My son Ben's hand.An experiment with fluorescent paint and UV light