Sunday, 13 November 2011

Can you feel it?

This thing we are witnessing-the collapse of the old paradigm-I have been aware of for decades.My time is here,what I (and many others) have been saying is no longer cause for sniggering.Heres a poem I wrote a few years back.

We're building a boat

We're building a boat
Hull hard as bone
Supple as sinew and flexible as history
You need that on the high seas and low latitudes
Able to carry cargo and swarthy crew
Repositories of synthesized human wisdom carefully stowed;

1. The last seeds
2. Boxes of old bones
3. Single celled organisms two by two
4. The things you might need; Novels that are a good read
Sails we’re stitching from quilts of pure energy
And invention and imagination
To blow patterns of energy on her billow-
Adaptable and flexible and modest are the sails

The rudder is sturdy and reliable as a hand
Calloused from hauling on sheets and working the land
Yet persistant and gentle, keeping the faith they were
Finger pointing to who knows where

On its bowsprit a fine carving
Of every face of every human and animal and plant

The mast we’re fashioning as straight and true as our intention
To carry this journey through

On the deck lies embedded
A diamond cosmic compass
Dial and bezel read the stars, the spirit world, reason, gaia, nature, intuition, sound, maritime maps, feeling

We threaded charts with glass beads and shells
From nearly worn out texts and scrolls and computer printouts
Singing sea shantys all the while
Laughter to get you through the doldrums

     All to lead us past the reefs of fallen warriors, women, children, civilisations
     All to weather the storms of human creation

The anchor we’re forging from human tenacity
It is heavy iron to wait out the strong tides that pull 
Or hide from the storm in the bay
Or weigh at that island of the mind where you rest and take on provisions and  crew
 R and R we think important too

     Were building a boat
     She’s almost afloat
     We’re signing up crew
     Hope its you

I heard a woman from Israel saying that in her country people are getting together.Now in my country thats hard,but in her racially,religiously divided country where people are raised to be pitted against one another,its a miracle.The reason? They realised what they all wanted was:a house, clean water,good food, a village to belong to,some inclusion and activity which was meaningful.That doesn't matter if you are Muslim or Christian,Arab or Jew.That's the new thing that's happening.its not a protest for change,it is change.

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