Wednesday, 10 October 2012

How ewe learn: a blog 4 educationalistically minded people

Educating a kid 
  1. You get a kid and you sit there,saying nothing.At this point remove any limiting beliefs such as,"I'm gonna break his spirit" or "All kids are bad unless we do something to them/for them". Ok well done. Now, listen, look and feel your feelings (a tried and true permaculture principle).Great!Almost home! 
  2. Get out of the way. 
  3. Have some resources ready. These can be people,things,tools,books.Hint: If you havent got them ready,dont panic! Make a plan to find some.
  4. Watch out for lurking populist ideas which reinforce getting what you want  while making the kid believe you are helping them eg Nigel Latta,Steve Biddulph
  5. Watch out for ideas that suggest more is better (homework and staying longer) and earlier is better (teaching babies).
  6. If they are interested show them what you are doing and how you do it.
  7. If they are not interested,you are unsuitable for this position and its better for everyone that you quietly slink away and find something else to do.
      You've done it!

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