Monday, 5 August 2013

The Origin of the title Fake Mink Rug

Fake Mink Rug-the name of my Clog- came from a funny and informative conversation with Thomas, a German 'woofer' (WOOF-Workers On Organic Farms) staying with us.He introduced me to the cool German idea of compound nouns (I believe compound verbs are used also) which allow very specific words to be made by joining words to nuance the meaning in a very detailed, sic German, precise way.
Here's an extreme example, which even the Germans are finding tiresome and unwieldly:
which means "regulation governing the delegation of authority pertaining to land conveyance permissions"
Anyway I was asking someone in my family to put away the Fake Mink Rug-when I heard Thomas titter.And when I asked him what was so funny he said it sounded like one of these German 'tapeworm' words.I guess it should really be Fakeminkrug to be consistent.

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