Friday, 27 March 2015

The Voyage of the Tangaroa

The Voyage of the Tangaroa*

If you scientists had gotton on deck
You may have noticed the Wilkins Ice Shelf, bigger than Aussie,
Instead you got seasick down below
Wading through incoming data slopping about in the bilges

And then teams of seamount, cephalopod, benthic fauna scientists
got together for tea
We mostly miss the inner invitation to leave behind your mind

In Island Bay and Berhampore
They feel the southerly presence of You
A white cold front making windows untouchable
Bergs of cloud up from Kaikoura
Like the cold cultural fear that blows from the shivering continent of the Capital’s transactions
Walling itself up or hiding behind hills and corridors

The soul is a vast and quiet land
Few go there
The occasional visitors are mystics and psychos
They are incarcerated, like Scott, in frozen beauty
No wonder they die young

Yesterday I woke up and felt the cold
I packed my bags and scientific gear,
Probes and prayerbeads
And headed south

* Antarctic research ship

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