Saturday, 20 February 2016

About Hilldoggs cartoons

If you like my cartoons in Organic NZ mag, why not sign up to a free taster of my weekly cartoon blog (clog) Fake Mink Rug? You can sign up for 4 weeks and if you like it, stay on! Get to see cartoons that the papers wont publish; I have tried! You could support a seditious, disobedient and occasionally funny artist and thereby get to see even more cartoons out there. My local paper the Levin Chronicle is too scared to publish my stuff because Rupert Murdoch said so. Do something and vote with your feet for a free world. I wont annoy with any other advertising crap either;just you and me in an arrangement of mutuality!
If you laugh when others aren't, if you like to deepen your understanding of the human condition (by laughing at it), if you celebrate life, then you might like what I do.
Have a look at and look for Duncan Hill under artist; you'll see a few more of my cartoons.
So heres the signup link. its pimps to do.

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