Friday, 22 November 2013

Love yourself now!

I want to encourage you to keep the faith.That means staying true to loving you.The only constant unconditional loving presence is by you and for you.You must stop judging, which means relinquishing the power you have given your mind.You may be adored by many others and mistake that for love, you may be loved by only one other, and mistake that for love-you will know if it is taken away.
 Some call this practice being loved by God.It is the same thing-this 'knowledge', which is experienced, and the unrelenting refusal to believe the accumulated thoughts of criticism, comparison and judgement of yourself.You will need bravery for the task as the world wants you to judge and condemn and punish; and we do it to others and by proxy, ourselves.
Yes, if you want to think this way there is plenty of evidence to condemn yourself and the entire mass of humanity.And we have been practicing since we were born; mentored by adults into this way of thinking.
Self love needs practice. It is a worthy and noble path which is open to you.You can begin today.
More on this soon
With love
Duncan .

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