Sunday, 24 November 2013

Fake Mink Rug

Hi folks
If you have just looked at this for the first time, welcome! So as I was telling you, I do a regular weekly cartoon blog (clog?) called Fake Mink Rug.Here's an example from that blog below. If you scroll back through my posts you will see others.
And so I'm giving you the opportunity of having fun once a week and supporting me in using my talents, Yip, I will send you a cartoon once a week and you can exchange that for a regular micro payment. Many people are enjoying these already. They say they improve their day, make them laugh and look at things from another angle. That's my gift.
Why my cartoons? They will be relevant to your life and also local,national and global events. They wont be censored by larger interests (editorial and corporate). They won't be necessarily green, red, blue, left or right. They might even make you laugh, or at least look at something another way.They will get me drawing and writing which will be greatly beneficial to my mental well-being, my family's well-being, and yours. Basically, if you pay, I can do what I'm good at, and you get the service. And the satisfaction of knowing you helped get the cartoons out and supported the artist to do so.

It is an arrangement built on trust (what the?) so its up to you what you do with the cartoon once you have it. If you forward it,perhaps you could forward the deal you have and give them a chance to pay for what they get also? I'm also hoping that you won't print it where someone makes something out of it, but not me.
You can decide to pay or not
If you have already seen some of my work you may want to sign up now. Its best to make a monthly donation from your account as an automatic payment. This will minimize transaction charges. Alternatively you could make a lump yearly payment for 52 cartoons.
(Other payment systems like PayPal make micro payments expensive because there is a bank charge for each automatic payment)

Suggested payment options:          
$5 per month; $15 per quarter; $50 per year
$10 per month; $30 per quarter; $100 per year
$20 per month; $60 per quarter;$200 per year

$40 per month; $120per quarter;$400 per year
$1000 per month; etc. You get the idea!

Free for 1 month (yes that is an option!)

I'm thinking of you personally as I type this. 

Just click here
 and you can join up; a subscriber.


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