Thursday, 5 December 2013

To Sir Hans! Visionary of the Grey Lynn Festival

Was up at Grey Lynn for their annual festival created by the awesome Hans who has done this without Council backing, and gained by not having their interference and their protection of the Big Boys who demand that no one else sells anything that will compete with their products. For that I salute you Hans.These are the guys who need public awards; not the ruthless competitive sociopaths with ruined childhood backgrounds who run many of our businesses and get awards for having made lots of dough and/or employing lots of people. I have nothing against making lots of dough-I'm trying to emulate that-I just don't think its worth a Knighthood.
As a result of Hans putting himself forward, a real diversity is experienced at the festival. You see amazing crafts and food.
I was selling my posters up there. I am going to put a photo up shortly so you can see my latest.The other poster is also featured on this blog (go to older posts). Also, hi to you fokes who grabbed my card on your way past, it was great to meet you and i had some real good yaks with you that went straight to the heart. Love you all! Keep it close my brothers and sisters!
Grey Lynn Festival

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