Sunday, 20 April 2014

Building a community

A few guys who can build meet up with young guys who are keen on building to show them a few skills, talk shit as only men can do; talk real stuff also. Pay them some dosh, get paid ourselves, treat everyone right, use local and recycled materials. Don't poison anyone by sticking to natural materials, and there you have it, the EcoWhare is born. The Ecowhare is a small building which can be used as a sleepout,an office, a studio, a chapel to name but a few uses. The buildings have a mezzanine floor for storage or sleeping, rimu tongue and groove floor, a verandah to enjoy sunny Saturday morning coffee.They can be slipped into your backyard on a truck and put on skids or plonked on 6 piles-either way you won't have to do any council hanky panky and they are entirely legal as they are just on 10 square metres.
Have look at progress on

Complete whare, on location

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