Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Black Chrysler (Illuminazi 911)

The Black Chrysler  (Illuminazi 911)
(the background of this poem is my family used to go walking together and we would invariably see this black car.So we got all paranoid and this poem came out of it. Children seem to like it. 

The fbi glide idly by the fizz factory
In her black chrysler
What you doing here myo bizz
Forboding plate code
With Too many ohs
We've seen your taillights bright braking
At peculiar addresses
With nondescript fences and blue tv faces

The lipstick seems plastic
Like a horizontal taillight
The smile quiet and gliding those lips around town
Perfect eyebrows set to cruise
Circuitry raucous under perfect skin
With her driving gloves and death ray under the bonnet
The strange extra aerial like a stainless needle
Same as the one on Dodi's black mangle   
Slowing at the Christian new life centre
Checking out for some decent stem cells
Mother ship overhead
Keeping an eye on her shiny black beetle

The ace of spades is checking out the crumbly graves
Under airline chemtrails like the entrails of spies
The last retail remains ply their trade
She glides by the Chompers crates of chicken mince in the matrix of shops with hitching posts for the ghosts of horses now bearing the bloody scrapes of mazdas

She will meet the contact at the designated point
Where murdered houses disappear into paddocks
And his suspect confident pointy shoes
The exchange
Gone wrong
Struggle muffle carboot shuffle

She Slows again 
to interpret the war memorial spire
Pointing to heaven and the mother ship
The stone carvers slip, the glorious dead
And the watching eye of the town camera

Has no one watching

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