Saturday, 14 July 2012

Poetry books I have written for you

I have written a couple of small poetry books.One called Mind Set Heart Felt and one called The Beginning of the World.They are $20NZ plus postage."Mind Set Heart Felt" is handwrtten (printed) and illustrated with my paintings.Its size is 150 X 150mm (CD case size) and has 16 full colour pages."The Beginning of the World" has 19 pages also lavishly adorned with paintings.These books are published by me, Hilldogg Press.As well as encouraging the new world paradigm I am talking about,they celebrate connections to each other and to the world of plants and animals and reflect sheer beauty,peace and truth wherever I found it. 
Cover "Mind Set Heart Felt"
Sample open page spread

Cover of  "The Beginning of the World"

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