Tuesday, 3 July 2012


                                                               Scape by Duncan Hill

This oil painting is based on photos of the moon which I am fascinated with.I have used a barren landscape and then used organic shapes  in the background.Perhaps I shouldnt say too much but leave it to you to rest your eyes on.What say you? Love to hear from you-this is my offering to humankind.

Drove across the spine of the fish yesterday- the main north south divide of the Tararua mountains.(Maori legend has the north island of our country as a fish pulled out of the ocean;wierldly,it looks like a fish from space) Its fine and clear on this western side and then across there the easterly was disturbing the mountains and throwing drizzle across my intermittent wipers.I got a feel for the way it works and for the weather patterns-easterly means rain on the east,dry here in the west;westerly means rain on the west,dry on the east.
Visited Masterton,that gaunt town.It feels depressed.It has Maori kids walking up and down the town in clouds of smoke. Meanwhile we keep up the services,the schools, the hospitals,the jails........while it all unwinds.We carry on,we are numb,but we carry on.We cant feel our own pain anymore,we keep on going.We cant read the signs.
I look up at the sky and it is breathtaking.All this happenning on the thin skin of the earth and none of it matters. And the breath is all you have,the feeling of the carseat,the field of energy in your body which you try to name or get rid of or enjoy,depending on what feeling is there.The thoughts that come and go,creating the feelings.

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