Saturday, 14 July 2012

Suicide and a sermon

A friend of mine has a friend who has just tried to kill himself.There was no help given by any 'profession',no support,nothing but an ambulance with its motor idling,waiting at the cliff base.Its not time to blame institutions(though most people are and they are feeling the pressure) or redirect funds or set up more research projects which tell us what we already know.
 Its time to step up and take the mantle given to us at birth.To act with our god-given selves and to see the power we have to reinvent this shell we call modern living. Institutions are failing,professional help is unavailable or too expensive.Tickets and ticks in boxes signifying worth and value and skill are competed for and the winner gets all;meanwhile the masses are struggling.
The problem is we dont know how to or dont know its possible to do anything ,to be anyone,without someones permission or funding or goddam credits or monicas over their names.
Its time for anarchy folks-not in the sense of destruction but in the true meaning of Chaos,the god of creativity.Hindus have a god Kali who is the caregiver of the Earth;an Indian Gaia.But the flip side of her is she is also the god of destruction. The moral message being look after the earth that literally supports us or you and many others will perish.

Be who you are,don't wait for permission.Take the opportunity now or it will be forced on us- by one giant oil price spike or environmental chain reaction or compound feedback loop by one of many sources such as financial,environmental or political.

Get together with others and grow something.Feed yourselves;an act of true anarchy!Find your healers,your thinkers,your engineers,your debaters,your growers.They are probably out there unemployed or sitting on some crap job waiting for the same thing you are: the beginning of their lives.

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