Thursday, 21 March 2013


There is alot of stuff in the media at the moment about bullying.My belief (and many others) is: schools cause bullying. Put 25 kids of the same age in a room without their consent as to who they share the space with, and then lord over them with a system called teaching (a bullying system) where you are told where to be,what to do.what to think without your consent -and there you have it.An environment ripe for the phenomenon of bullying.You can guess that the consultants the Ministry of Education uses never ever come up with that in their so called quest to be rid of bullying.
Where you find power structures which have absolute unquestioned authority eg schools,wherever you find an unnatural social order ie without the spread of ages,familial relationships (aunties,grandparents,babies etc) there you will find bullying.
One of my favourite slogans is "Stamp Out Bullying!" haha. Its so revealing of how we try to solve problems in our communities.And so sad.

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