Wednesday, 27 March 2013

"No eggs, no egos, no Jesus";a poem for Easter

At Daybreak
I hear the sounds of no forest
And also happy foreign alien birds
Who have invaded that vacant space
A guy is waterblasting his 4X4 in a driveway
With indignation about the risen Christ
And a gut pregnant with Cadbury chocolate eggs

I ask god for modesty and humility
And to remove my ego
And god says there you go again
Wanting, your mind already ahead
Scanning this wasteland for the thing
That will make you complete
You don’t have to become anything

No eggs, no egos,  no Jesus
Just a chicken shed barracks
With steam escaping from cracks in its iron shell

A crucifixion
And then the risen spirits of chooks
white and staring
on my table
for lunch

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